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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Terrorist Attack India: Innocent Killed and Government Failed

My heart bleeds to see and hear this again and again……………… much blood , so much violence…………..when it will STOP.

Yesterday eve there was one more Terrorist Attack in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat state. Day before in was Bangalore, the IT capital of India and capital of Karnatak state.
Few months’ back it was in Jaipur – capital of Rajasthan state. Is there pattern to attck BJP ruled state?????????

Terrorist in past have attacked cites like Mumbai,Malegaon,Jammu,Hyderabad,Amernath,Varanasi,Lucknow,Delhi,Ludhiana,Azmer,Kolkatta.North Eastern State…………………………………………………they have been every where, they come ,they attack and they vanish at their own will.

Innocent people die.

Central Government watching, Helpless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Politician get chance to come on TV, they blame each other, install a commission and then forget.

There has been no Report on last attacks; there has been no proper investigation, no proper prosecution.

The government is scared of the Vote Bank. Afzal Guru the terrorist who attacked Indian Parliament is not yet hanged, because central government feels it will effects its minority vote bank.

There is no LAW in India to tackle Terrorism.

There is no dedicated AGENCY to tackle Terrorism.

There is no WILL by Indian Government to take on Terrorism; they are only good in saving their government and balancing with their partners. It’s happening for so many years now.

Its failure of Intelligence, Its failure of Indian Government, Its failure of the Sytem.The Prime minister should take moral responsibility and Resign.

Its high time Government to take action and do something serious. All Political parties should come together and jointly make framework to tackle terrorism. India needs Terrorist Act and Special Agency.

See USA after 9/11 there has been no single terrorist attack in US and they have gone ahead and eliminated most of the terrorist. Where is the Human Right Commission?

We should not worry about Vote Bank, We should not worry about Human Right. Just go ahead with Hot Pursuit and attack all those terrorist camps. Hang and arrest all those Terrorist or people who support them.

Terrorism does not have any Religion, Terrorism does not have any boundary, Terrorism is just an act of coward, and Terrorism is just an exploitation of those youths and unemployed people.

What Government should do:

  • Make special Law to tackle Terrorism
  • Make Fast track court for Terrorist case
  • Make special Para military Agency to tackle Terrorist – Like Mossad
  • Make local and national intelligence strong and work in coordination
  • To investigate Narcotic, Hawala, Arms, Betting and Terrorist link and network
  • To take action against all illegal Bangladeshi
  • To take action all illegal stay of foreigner
  • To bust all those sleeper cell( as per news paper reports) in areas like Mumbra, Hyderabad , Kashmir , W.Bengal , Mira Road , U.P.
  • To keep control of International Money Transactions
  • To make intelligence agency responsible for any such attack
  • Have separate Ministry to Combat Terrorism

    Indian Government, Indian Politician WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION NOW or else the Terrorism will win and will break peace and communal harmony, will stop the growth of nation.

    Indian Government Don’t be so cold blooded, you are responsible for all those blood on street; you are responsible for all those innocent life’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I pray to lord to give peace to the soul of all those killed, to give strength to their family members AND to WAKE UP government.

Lets all the citizens and nation UNITE in our Fight against Terrorism - the Disease of 21st century.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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