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Monday, July 14, 2008

UP Police and Indian Law : the Delhi dual murder

Its ongoing story for common man,the harassment by law enforcement agency.The government is silent spectator.

There was this Dual murder in Delhi,talk of the nation,every where in print and electronic media.

There was this irresponsible statement and arrest of father in charge of murder of her daughter??? by UP Police and later when CBI came into picture it had to break its head to go the cause and now they have arrested three people - house maids.The father given clean chit and released after 50 days in Jail.

Iam puzzled and shocked,question comes to my mind:
Why did UP Police act like immature kid ?
Why did they tarnished the image of the dead person, the very young girl and the maid ?
Why did they arrest the father without evidence ?
Why did they had to go to media every now and then, just to spoil the image of the family and get fame for them self?
Would CBI have acted in same way for common man ?
Would CBI rescue all those innocent people in jail for all those long years ?
Why did they now arrest this three house maid without solid proof and evidence of crime admissble in court of law in India?
Why there has not been action against those high profile police personnel of UP police ?
Why there should not be constrain on media for reporting this kind of case,they are also to be blamed for spoiling the image of the family and the dead person ?
Where is the Indian Government?
Where is the Human Right Commission????????

So many question,so many answer to be find??????????

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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