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Monday, July 7, 2008

Directory on 'Environmental NGOs in India - 2008' released

The 9th edition of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) -India's Directory, titled "Environmental NGOs in India - 2008" has been released.

The directory, which is a comprehensive information-bank, takes into account Non Government Organisations in all the States and Union Territories working towards environmental protection, conservation and awareness.

It provides vital information about the groups engaged in the cultivation and nurturing of interest in environmental protection and the conservation of nature and natural resources.
There has been a substantial increase in awareness of environmental problems in the country, which has also been accompanied by an increase in the number of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working to promote sustainable development and proper environmental management.

The directory covers all relevant and useful information catalogued under various appropriate heads including minute details like the total strength of permanent staff, number of members and geographical coverage in addition to the general information comprising the name, address, status (registered /non-registered, trust/society/group), nature (nonprofit/rural oriented/urban oriented), the environmental related activities carried out during last three years and to be carried out next year by different NGOs of our country.

The spectrum of 'Missions' as provided by the different NGOs range from promoting environmental education, conducting awareness camps, safeguarding environment through social mobilization and community participation, biodiversity and wildlife conservation, promotion of renewable energy and various other research activities and movements.
The new edition includes a larger number of NGOs working in the field of environment and more extensive and detailed information by giving NGO profile, activities carried out during 2004-07, activities proposed as well as major publications.

Produced every alternate year, the directory is the single largest information base on NGOs working in the field of environment, sustainable development, and nature conservation in India. This edition carries complete information of almost 2300 organizations in the country.
This directory is useful for voluntary groups, government agencies, libraries, researchers, aid agencies, the media, and educational institutions.


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