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Monday, July 14, 2008

Indian Politics: When it’s going to Mature??????????

I love my country, Iam proud to be Indian.

But fail to understand our Politics, Earlier it was only one party monopoly ,then came the Left and then Right .And now so many so called small parties? regional parties , secular parties , so called caste parties…………………………. Where are we going, do we want to divide India again? Do we want civil war?

This many and many political party, multi party system is curse to Indian growth, Indian culture, and Indian economy. They are just been formed for their vote banks and less to do with people and development. They blackmail, they exchange money, they exchange departments, they exchange ministry, and they demand their pound of flesh for their support to the government.

Where is the ethics in Indian Politics, how are we going to be Dr.Kalam’s India 2020, the super power??????????

Why don’t we have two party systems, why don’t we have presidential system, why don’t we have mature politicians and political parties??????????

I want to see my India to survive this political gamble, the game politician play with people, the constitution, and the system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have faith that the day will come, I have faith in all those young politicians, and they all will regroup and work towards Super Power India. The India, people of world would look forward for peace, security and dignity.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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