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Monday, July 21, 2008

Education of the five senses

Human Rights. The teacher writes on the blackboard. In the next shot, one of the students is in her room asking for her attention to clear some doubts. She rudely asks him to wait saying she is busy.

After a while, another boy comes in and she is all ears even as the first boy is kept waiting. The first boy feels slighted and later tells a friend that the teacher likes only some favourites and all students are not equal before her.

Cut to the auditorium in Jamia Milia Islamia where this documentary is being screened by Adobe India. The film showcases the fruits of its CSR initiative, Adobe youth Voices, in association with the NGO America India Foundation .

The ‘actors; from the Chetram Sharma Kanya Inter College Delhi, beam as the room is filled with applause. The students were lucky to be part of an educational initiative of Adobe in 25 schools in Bangalore and Gurgaon called Adobe Youth Voices.

Naresh Gupta, managing director, Adobe India, says: "The initiative enables selected children in high schools to wield a camera and shoot documentaries on subjects like rag picking and fundamental rights."

He adds the programme is an effort to give another dimension to education. Gupta, who considers Adobe Youth Voices as the flagship of the company's CSR initiatives, adds the objective is to scale up the initiative, by the firm's own efforts as well as by partnering other companies.
"We hope some companies will be willing to partner us for in this initiative, for the motive is to spread this programme," he says.

The documentary by Vedic Kanya High School in Delhi called Home Work shows the narrator investigating the daily chores of a student and why she ends up skipping her homework.
The narrator puts in bytes from the student's mother, a domestic help in some houses.
Former police official and activist Kiran bedi said that students, by reliving what they learnt in books were getting educated in the true sense.

Gupta added that Karnataka government has taken a keen interest in the audio visual content that was being added by the programme to education, usually dependent on rote learning.
The programme is being run in the US, the UK and Canada as well. It is confined to urban areas, in places where Adobe has its offices.

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