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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dental care awareness camps in Kolkatta

In an attempt to spread awareness among children about dental care, Military Dental Centre in Barrackpore is all set to launch campaigns and organise medical camps to make them cautious.

The dental centre falls under the Barrackpore Army Cantonment board. Officials of the centre observed that students often get addicted to mouth freshners like pan parag and gutkha which are cancerous tobacco items. As such, they will also be organising oral hygiene maintenance programmes so as to educate children about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and avoiding such injurious mouth freshners which cause teeth decay.

"Apart from children, we are also targeting soldiers, ex-service men and their families residing at the Barrackpore Cantt, Jaffarpore, Ichapore, Kanchrapara, Kankinara, Serampore, Kalyani, Krisnanagar. However, our programme is mainly focused on educating the school children as they are the future of the country," said one of the organisers.

Bad oral hygiene, like bleeding gums and oral odour, is no more only a social embarrassment but also causes various health problems. Recent studies on oral care has proved that bad oral hygiene can also cause heart diseases, side effects during pregnancy, atherosclerosis, lung infections, digestive problems, arthritis, among others. Moreover, controlling diabetes becomes difficult with periodontitis," said a camp organiser.

The dental centres believes in 'Prevention is better then cure ~ educate and motivate to maintain good oral hygiene' With this aim it will be conducting frequent dental check-up camps, deliver health talks and spread awareness among the masses about maintaining good oral hygiene.
"To make a health movement successful among people and sensitise the society about dental problems, the government along with NGOs is required to initiate well planed strategies.

As per reports, by the year 2020, India will be having highest number of heart and diabetic patients in the world. "We believe that poor oral hygiene habits is a major contributing factor to this threat as 90 per cent of the adult population in India suffers from some form of gum diseases. We need to address people's lifestyle with a renewed interest. If we work together towards making India a strong and healthy nation, we definitely can."


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