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Friday, January 18, 2008

Understanding the functioning of NGOs

Today non-government organisations (NGOs) worldwide have budgets totaling billions of dollars with tens of millions of staff. But are laws and internal controls keeping pace with their size and power?

NGO Law and Governance: A Resource Book answers a need in an area that has experienced enormous growth over the past 25 years. Interest in the legal aspects of NGOs has increased due to their greater participation in civil society and political life.

The author, Grant Stillman, from his practical knowledge in the field, has written a concise survey for the general reader of the main issues and principles that affect most internationally operating NGOs. Attention is also paid to the improvement of governance in local and development-focused NGOs, which still work primarily in their home countries.

This resource is primarily for the members, managers and volunteers of big and small NGOs. People interested generally in development and the role of civil society may also find it a useful capacity-building resource.

It is a quick reference containing ten sets of tips and online tools on common topics related to the basic content of international and domestic laws and generally accepted governance principles affecting the civil society sector.

The book identifies in more detail core principles common to a majority of the legal and governance systems throughout the world and distills from them some practical guidance for everyday experiences. It is available for free at the Asian Development Bank Institute’s website.

Dowload the book here:

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Ashutosh said...

Good source that you have posted. Helped me getting started on a Capstone Project that I had been planning for weeks now.