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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"NALANDA - The World Wisdom Centre" project of Times Foundation

Times Foundation is spearheading a holistic way of learning with "NALANDA - The World Wisdom Centre"

It is a joint initiative between institutions (corporate/business/ industrial/academic/social/government) and Times Foundation where Times Foundation's facilitation would help set up centres at places like factory premises, schools, colleges, universities, health care centers and Government offices to drive overall personal development.

The purpose of the centre is to enhance the well-being of communities by rejuvenating their body, mind and soul. It is a non-partisan Centre, representative of all communities. This centre will encourage learning of various knowledge and skills - Yoga, Tai-Chi, Self Defense for Women, Advance English Courses for Executives, etc.

Nalanda -The World Wisdom Centre also envisages reviving the Ancient Indian Science that would have the essence of the Vedanta, Upanishads, Art Of life, Inner Engineering etc. delivered in a manner relevant to current times.

The first centre was inaugurated on March 24, 2007 at Trade House, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai by The Honourable Governor of Maharashtra, Mr S.M Krishna.

The Concept:
Nalanda has been the largest Centre for learning that the world had ever known. Learning was greatly encouraged as it served a dual purpose: knowledge and practice.

The monks therefore took to learning so that they might practice it and realise Dharma perfectly and thereby enrich the masses.

Huen-Tsang and Fa Hien, Chinese travelers described Nalanda to be the highest Seat of Learning of the Oriental World.

India in the 21st century is booming with a fast growing economy as well as academic excellence. However, the pace that the development and individuals have acquired in the recent times would not be sustainable, if not complemented with holistic learning. Individuals of all strata need to de-stress and rejuvenate in order to master the inner and outer world to reach a new acme of excellence.

The vision of Nalanda - The World Wisdom Mall, would be to facilitate holistic learning.

The purpose would be to enhance the well-being of communities by rejuvenating their body, mind and soul. It will be a non-partisan Centre, representative of all communities. It would also create positive equity with the neighborhood located around business centres/ factories (or printing presses) of any business house.

Nalanda-The World Wisdom Mall will become a universal brand irrespective of location. The model would facilitate easy replication across India (or even abroad). Each centre would be self sustainable and You would be the torchbearer for the centre, responsible for running the courses with our involvement in terms of facilitation for the infrastructure.

For holistic development of the individual, each centre could offer many kinds of teachings like – Academic Courses, Art & Culture Courses, ‘Guru’ & Non ‘Guru’ Courses. This will enhance the individual’s capacity to cope with his surroundings and live a fuller life. Each Centre would be having its own URL which will be available on our portal, helping them to connect with each-other & the masses.

Academic Courses
All that you could think of. There could also be the possibility of reviving all the lost sciences of India. This centre could be the landmark of convergence between science and spirituality.

Art & Culture Courses
Cultural Ethos and Heritage, Literary Arts, Fine Arts, Print & Electronic Media, Performing Arts....

‘Guru’ teachings
Art of Living, Vipassana, Isha Yoga, Golden Age, Bramhakumaris, Prassana Trust, Osho, Essence of life, Asa Ram Bapu, Ramesh Bhaiji Ozha...

Non-‘Guru’ teachings can have the following courses and many more that you are attached to: Yoga, Personality Development, English Communication, Counseling, Self Defence, Vocational, Alternative Therapy (like dance, music, acupressure, healing therapy)...

The concept of “GURUKUL”, derived from Upanishads, means inner or mystic teaching being imparted by “Gurus” ie. experts to a group of “Shishyas” ie. students. The term Upanishad is derived from upa (near), ni (down) and shad (to sit), ie Groups of pupils sit near the teacher to gain knowledge and wisdom from him.

More precisely, the entire philosophy of professional and personal excellence is driven in the below mentioned lines in "-II.III.19 Kathopnishad"

“Let us sit together. Let us learn together.
May God nourish us (for vouchsafing the result of knowledge).
May we gain both power and strength from this joint pursuit of knowledge.
May our learning make us brilliant.
May knowledge not make us arrogant so that we start finding fault with each other.”

For more Info contact:
Times Foundation,
The Times of India Building,
Dr D N Road,
Mumbai – 400 001
Telephone: 91 - 22- 66353535
Extension - 4345/ 4398/ 5373


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