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Friday, January 18, 2008


The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh will give away the National Bravery Awards for the year 2007 to twenty two children – 4 girls and 18 boys – on January 24, 2008. Four will get the award posthumously.

The coveted Bharat Award has been conferred on 17 year old Km. Babita and 15 ½ year old Master Amarjeet of Haryana who saved several school mates from drowning when their school bus fell into the Western Yamuna canal near Ganaur, Sonepat.

The Sanjay Chopra Award has been given to six year old Master Yuktarth Shrivastava of Chhattisgarh who saved his sister from stray dogs. On the evening of 30 December, 2006 Yuktarth was playing with his 11 month old sister Surmayee outside their house at Panchsheel colony, Rajnandgaon. When Surmayee went a little ahead of the house some stray dogs once encircled her. Scared, Surmayee started crying. Seeing his baby sister surrounded by the dogs, Yuktarth called out to his parents for help. When no one heard his cry, Yuktarth jumped in the midst of the dogs. Picking up his sister on the laps, Yuktarth tried to shoo away the dogs. More than half a dozen dogs pounded on Yuktarth and bit him on his feet and thighs severely. Unmindful of his injuries, Yuktarth kept holding his sister and ran into the house. Yuktarth displayed exemplary courage in saving his infant sister.

The prestigious Geeta Chopra Award has been conferred posthumously on 14 ½ year old Km. Lalrempuii of Hmar Veng in the Mamit district of Mizoram, who valiantly resisted a rape attempt to her last breath and lost her life.

Master Raipalli Vamsi (12 years) of Andhra Pradesh has been awarded the Bapu Gaidhani Award along with Master Boney Singh (16 ½ years) of Manipur and Late Master Amol Aghi (15 years) of Haryana. On 26 October 2006, several residents of Basangi village of Andhra Pradesh had gone to the Nagavali river to take a holy dip on the occasion of ‘Karthika Masam’. While bathing, eight girls (aged between 10-13 years) started drowning as the river was in spate. Hearing their cries, as well as those of their family members and friends, Raipalli Vamsi, who had also gone to the river to bathe, at once dived into the water. An expert swimmer, he managed to catch hold of two girls and brought them safely to the bank. Jumping into the water a second time, he rescued another two girls. In his third attempt, however, he could save only one more girl. The other three girls died in the incident. While Master Raipalli Vamsi saved five girls, Master Boney Singh saved two boys from drowning in a water tank near Sagolband Meino Leirak,Imphal West-I. Master Amol Aghi lost his life in chasing robbers in Geeta colony, Panipat.

The other recipients of the National Bravery Awards are: Master Raveendra Halder, Master Ravi Kumar Jhariya, Master Awadhesh Kumar Jhariya , Master Manas Nishad (all from Chhattisgarh), Master Vishnu C.S., Master Bijin Babu (both from Kerala), Master Kavvampalli Rajkumar, Master Pinjari Chinigi Sab (both from Andhra Pradesh), Km. Meher Legha (Noida, UP), Master Ankit Rai, Late Master Abhishake and Late Master Suraj (all from Haryana), Master Subhash Kumar (U.P.), Km. Congress Kanwar (Rajasthan) and Master Sunil Kumar P.N. (Karnataka).

The awardees will participate in the Republc Day Parade riding caparisoned elephant.



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