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Friday, January 18, 2008

Victorious Kidss Educares celebrate anniversary

VICTORIOUS KIDSS Educares, an implementing IB School celebrated its anniversary with a difference. The school that teaches with Vedic philosophies in mind truly celebrated with a sense of humanity and concern for the underprivileged.

The school began its celebrations early in the morning with the Kriya Yoga Initiation by Sri Sri Gyanswamiji. Later, a visit to Dada Vaswani’s Ashram by teachers and children of the third standard was undertaken and oranges and bananas were distributed to the under-privileged.

After this visit, between 60 and 70 destitute children were invited to the school to spend some time with the school children and participate in a drawing competition and some entertainment programmes. The competition was followed by a prize distribution ceremony; some educational gifts were given to children.

In addition, approximately 42 senior citizens from an old-age home were invited and they spent quality time with the school teachers and children. They were honoured with shawls.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Robbin Ghosh, chairman & MD, Victorious Kidss Educares said, "Today is the day of celebrations as it is the birthday of the yogi we truly believe in. There could be no other better day to stretch our hands out to the needy with the basic provisions of food. It gives me great pride and joy to see the destitute children and the people from the old-age home visiting our school and sharing their happiness with our school children".

The day-long celebration would have been incomplete without a sumptuous lunch; it was served to all the destitute children, senior citizens from the old-age home and the maids and helpers of the school.

On the occasion, Dr Robbin Ghosh announced the appointment of Romen Ghosh, an Arjuna Award recipient, as the new director of Victorious Kidss Educares. Further, a visit was undertaken to the Bharat Samaj Seva Kendra (BSSK), for distribution of diapers, breakfast cereal, dal, rice and sugar. Also present on the occasion was Sri Sri Gyanswamiji.

All in all, these were celebrations with a difference - keeping the needy in mind and making this a memorable occasion.


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