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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Myth of Alzheimer's: The Book

The book is written by the internationally respected, Peter Whitehouse, MD, Ph.D, and his co-author, Daniel George, M.Sc., a graduate student at Oxford University. Here, the authors support a growing community devoted to humanizing the way we think about brain aging, strengthening the care and solidarity we provide to persons affected by memory loss, and learning how we can best protect our own aging minds and the minds of our children. We invite you to explore this site, discover what the myth of Alzheimer's is, learn more about our revolutionary vision, and share your own story with our online community so that we may begin to end the grip of fear that Alzheimer's has on us and enrich the larger story that our culture tells about brain aging.

Backed up by research, full of practical advice and information and infused with hope and warmth, The Myth of Alzheimer's by Dr. Peter Whitehouse with Danny George liberates us from the crippling mental illness label and teaches us how to best approach memory loss in ourselves and in others while preserving, and even enhancing, quality of life. In this provocative and ground-breaking book, we learn simple cognitive, nutritional, and exercise strategies that can keep us vital and enable us to maintain a purpose-driven life as we age, as well as practical advice on how to interpret memory loss in both ourselves and in our loved ones, and strategies for handling visits to the doctor.

But The Myth of Alzheimer's is much more than a self-help book. In it, we learn the fascinating tale of how a single "peculiar" medical case observed by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1906 became known as a full-blown disease that has grown into a $100 billion a year marketing and research juggernaut, with more than 25 million people afflicted worldwide. So too do we encounter the inspiring stories of others who have risen above the fearsome label of Alzheimer's disease and sustained their quality of life as they've aged.

The Myth of Alzheimer's brings a new understanding to everything we thought we knew about brain aging. Co-authors Dr. Whitehouse and Mr. George have created a lasting work that not only guides readers in adapting to the many challenges of cognitive aging, but also assists us in transforming our very conventional wisdoms and assumptions about growing old. As one of the best known Alzheimer's disease (AD) experts in the world and one of America's top doctors, Dr. Whitehouse provides wisdom and guidance honed over his last three decades of clinical practice to current patients with various cognitive conditions, their caregivers, and to all of us who may potentially be affected by labels such as AD and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The story he tells is enlightening, humanizing, and empowering - it provides us hope about our own aging, urges us to challenge the stigmatizing labels that doctors have been too quick to apply, and inspires us move forward on our own journey towards older age with a much healthier conception of what it means to grow old.

In The Myth of Alzheimer's we answer these questions:
Is Alzheimer's even a disease?

What is the difference between a naturally aging brain and an Alzheimer's brain?

How effective are the current drugs for AD? Are they worth the money?

What kind of hope does science really have for the treatment of memory loss? And are there alternative interventions that can keep our aging bodies and minds sharp?

What promise does genetic research actually hold?

What would a world without Alzheimer's look like, and how do we get there?

The time is ripe for such a challenging book.

For the millions of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and their families-and even for those who are simply aging-this book will help them understand why what they have been told may be incomplete, even wrong, why the treatment they are probably being given is inadequate, and most importantly how they can get the help they need.

Ultimately, in The Myth of Alzheimer's, Dr. Whitehouse and Mr. George articulate a story of brain aging that is spirituality sensitive, ethically grounded, and visionary-a story that can be a starting point for helping all of us better cope with and prepare for the travails of cognitive decline.

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