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Monday, January 21, 2008

Eradicating evil of corruption for all round development

Corruption is the cancer eating into the vitals of our society and not allowing the under developed and developing nations to become developed nation.

Most developing countries are doing well on many fronts, except tackling corruption, which in turn is affecting many development projects, impacting the grass root and not allowing the marginalized to be benefited. The rich are growing richer at the cost of the poor.

What is needed is a One Stop Solution for Solving the evil of Corruption. The solution has to change the face of our society and take it from the path of downward trend to one of upward growth path.

One ideal solution would be, to register every citizen uniquely using their biometric (all finger prints, all fingers / palm vein) and issue Multi Purpose Biometric Smart Card cum Debit Card, linked to a Cashless Money Account.

Every transaction of every individual and organization must be through the Biometric Smart Card and the transactions must be made transparent on the web.

Suitable 'e-Administration' communication and transparency tool should be available for tracking all communications and compliance online by any one any where.

This would minimize corruption, to the point of eliminating it, create a level playing field, alleviate poverty and help achieve UN Millennium Development Goals.

Total transparency and accountability needs to be made a way of life. Every transaction must be made public, for public scrutiny. This would deter us from doing any thing on the sly.

We need to create a new world order, where every citizen has an equality of opportunity, and allow every individual to explore their potentials to the maximum.

This would encourage everyone to contribute their mite, for the growth of the community and society at large without impeding the growth of others.

Kris Dev
Social Activist
Transparency & Accountability Network
91 98 408 52132, Chennai, TN, India.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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