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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hospital Round and Learning from Life

Thanks to all of you for giving me the moral support for my Dad's health.

On Tuesday 8th Jan, he was operated for Enlarged Prostate Gland, Stone and Hernia (Three in One).The operation was successful and all other report were normal. But suddenly in middle of night due to High BP, he had Blood Clot and internal bleeding; at 2.30 in the night he was again operated for the same. After this emergency operation he is stable and now ok.

One important thing about my dad that he is first time admitted to any Hospital (except for cataract).He never had any medicine in his 73 years life span.

His secret of good health: he is farmer and stays in small town near Mumbai, with no pollution and green all year round. He has strict timing for meals- only two meals a day, and two cup of tea. He does not eat out, might sometime eat seasonal food. He goes to farm on bicycle (though he has luxury of car/ jeep) and does night walk after food. He has strict time for sleep, which includes noon nap.

Bonding:It’s not good to say but this hospitlisation has bought us near. Iam a third generation child of the Great Indian Joint Family (though started disintegration 10 year's ago), where we had around 50 people staying together- same business and one kitchen).In our Joint family there was no close relation between Father and Son, they both never used to talk eye in eye.
And after my graduation, job and marriage I had to move to Mumbai; but was always in touch with my parents and used to visit each other some time.
But now due to health problem we both have started communicating to each other in much better way and have come closer. There is much more Bonding and attachment.

Hospitals - I hate: The place my dad was admitted is one of the best hospitals I know: Bhaktivedant, run by ISKON Foundation at Mira Road. It has 24 hrs Hare Krishna Chanting all over the place, they also have Lord Jaganath Darshan- visiting each patient in the evening.The atmosphere is so pleasing and stress free. It gives energy to the patient and Family members.

But let me tell you, I found truth in old saying that ''No one should have to go Hospital, Police Station and Court.” Daily hospital round, seeing different patient suffering, the smell, the numerous medicine, the numerous check up-it’s really trouble some and painful.

Iam happy that my Dad is recovering faster and we will get him home, very soon. As things are now under control, I will start my posting as and when I get time.

Also I think blogging and getting connected to people has become addiction to me- which I love and gives lots of strength, pleasure, sense of achievement and relieves me of all my stress.
May god bless all of you and may we all Care and Love our parents and children’s and make this world much pleasant place to live.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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