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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Study reveals high unemployment rate among educated Indian women

A survey to study the behavior pattern of the youth in India revealed a high rate of unemployment among the educated women, the Indian Express reported Wednesday.

The survey was conducted by the Mumbai-based International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS) at a time when the government has begun work to formulate the nation's next National Youth Policy.

The findings showed that in average half of educated women are unemployed, higher than among men. "Because of educational levels and social status, women do not want to do lower or inferior jobs," said Dr Usha Ram, one of the coordinators for the IIPS survey.

The first-ever survey also found lack of comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS in youth, high rate of tobacco consumption among men and low participation in community programs, more women than men were married before the prescribed legal age (18 years for a girl and 21 years for a boy).

"Awareness and knowledge of HIV and condoms is high, but correct knowledge is not there," said Dr Usha Ram। The survey found that participation of young men in community programs is very low and even poorer among young women.

IIPS undertook the household-based survey in India's six states, Maharashtra, Jharkhand ,Tamil Nadu ,Bihar , Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, from January 2006 to take forward the 10 thematic issues raised in a UN worldwide study of the youth. The institute is now collating the baseline data.

"We chose these six states as they are representative of their regions," said Dr Usha Ram.Over 15000 households were interviewed with samples from urban and rural areas respectively in half.

The study attempts to collate information regarding the youth in terms of employment, education, premarital and extramarital sexual behavior, access to economic resources, autonomy, gender issues, community participation.

According to the Indian government, the number of youths in the age group of 13-35 years is anticipated to be 510 million by 2016.


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