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Friday, January 11, 2008

NGO working in Grass root level for Senior Citizens in Mumbai

I have been working for the cause of Elderly since three years and know most of the people and organisation working for the cause. But then I missed one of them. In Oct this year during Diwali Festival there was an NGO MELA oraginsed for the welfare of Elderly. The lead organiser was The Family Welfare Agency.It was one of the successful attempt by any organisation working for Senior Citizens. I was so impressed with the dedication and passion of the people working with Family Welfare Agency, that I could not resist the temptation of writing about them and let the world know of all the good work this Silent Soldier is doing.Its one of the organisation working in the community, in the Grass root level for the less fortunate Elderly.Though they are concentrated in F Ward of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, but are definitely working towards providing there services in different wards.

The Family Welfare Agency (FWA) has been in existence for 55 golden years, established since 1950. It is a voluntary social organization registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950(E-5(BOM).

The agency has developed from working with general community based issues to providing focused specialized services in the field of Ageing and Mental Health.

The FWA has worked at three levels- Preventive, Promotive and Curative within the community and nearby areas. The agency has, thus progressed from ‘remedial’ to ‘therapeutic’ and has now broadened its approach with a ‘social development’ perspective, emphasis on integrating approaches. This integrated development approach has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of life along with people’s participation to achieve the same.

The FWA presently has two blocks located in the BDD chawl, Lower Parel, Mumbai (for the elderly and for the mentally ill) and one center at Dharavi in the Urban Health Center (for elderly).


Mumbai a city that cares for its elderly.


To improve the quality of life of older persons.

The current focus of organization is networking among different senior citizens agencies.

Collaboration with formal/informal organizations, senior citizens association, old age homes, NGO’s, Banks, transportation, hospitals, etc.

Film programs on issue of Senior citizens.

Services in the field of ageing:
1) Multi Service Centers (Lower Parel):
* Health check up camps
* Nutrition aid
* Health management support groups
* Awareness and education
* Counseling-individuals/family
* Self-groups
* Community outreach
* Family related activities
* Legal aid
* Recreational/hobby groups
* Care of the Homebound elderly
* Library
* Implementation of Govt. schemes

2) Home based services in Dharavi center:
For elderly in collaboration with LTMG hospital.
* Home visits by various department viz Occupational,Psychiatry,Diet counseling, PSM dept, physiotherapy, etc.
* Counseling and referral follow up visits by FWA professionals.

3) Ward wise Networking initiatives for care of the elderly.

* Psycho-social needs of the aged.
* Networking of organizations working for the car of the elderly in Mumbai.

* National seminar report to develop Gerontological social work in India 1997.
* Towards Enriching years: A program for the elderly by the FWA 1998.
* Directory of organizations working for the care of the elderly in Mumbai 2002.
* Networking of organizations working for care of older persons in Mumbai 2002.

Services in the field of mental health:
1) Day care center for recovering mentally ill:

* Individual case work
* Group work
* Occupational therapy
* Yoga
* Recreational activities
* Vocational activities
* Counselling
* Family support group
* Celebration of MH week

2) Home based care:
* Home visits
* Occupational therapy
* Counselling

3) Community outreach:
* Sports meet
* Training workshops
* Seminars
* Poster exhibitions
* Awareness talks
* Medical camps
* Life skills education for adolescent girls.

4) Psychiatric OPD
5) Clinical testing
6) Sheltered workshop
7) Women’s group
8) Research
9) Advocac


Volunteer your time and expertise.

Support the organization by becoming a member Tell your friends about.

Donate in cash or kind.

Donations are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G (50% deduction).

Registered under Foreign Contributions (Regulations) Act, for receipt of foreign donations.

Conatct:Ms Swati Ingole at 91-022-24015150 ;

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