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Friday, January 11, 2008

World News For Internet Savvy Seniors

There is a tidal wave of aging population that is flooding many countries, including China, Japan, U.K., USA and India. More and more middle-aged men and women are joining the crowded world of the retired, causing economic burden on nations which have social welfare as state responsibility.

Millions exposed to information technology, Internet, world wide web and social networking in the last decade have joined the masses who retired from full time commercial activity in recent years.

This class seeks to keep abreast on everyday happenings in the seniors world. It trawls the net for everyday updates on hundreds of topics that affect the life of the aged: retirement benefits, investment avenues, economic policies that affect their future, health issues, social problems like elder abuse and serious crimes against the elderly. This segment enjoys learning about senior celebrities, their achievements and first-hand accounts of sheer grit and endeavour that bring them recognition in late life.

In this background, a Mumbai, India-based reporter-editor-publisher who opted to retire from commercial communications in the year 2001 on reaching the age of 65, began looking closely at issues influencing life of seniors and examining areas where he could use his knowledge, skills and experience to pay back to society for opportunities he had had in his own life.

Four years after suspending profit-oriented journalistic activities and frequent free-wheeling among the elderly, he zeroed in on idea of a journal that would target to become a single-point source of news and features covering seniors everywhere.

With no funds to invest in a fresh venture, this man began by browsing the internet for news reports and features on seniors. In the year 2005 he began uploading every bit he was collecting on a no-cost, no fees site offered by Google to bloggers, Blogspot. SENIORS WORLD CHRONICLE thus became his post-retirement activity.

SENIORS WORLD CHRONICLE is a daily digest of published reports on all topics relevant to Seniors. The purpose is to chronicle for a wider readership by seniors and make news and features available to everyone interested in the Seniors World. It is a free-access, no registration required site.

All news and features remain copyright material of original newspapers and organizations which first published the news or features. Each story is credited, and in many cases, a ready link is provided on SENIORS WORLD CHRONICLE to the source of the news or feature. By end of 2007, SENIORS WORLD CHRONICLE had already published some 2300 reports.

SENIORS WORLD CHRONICLE is hosted by and the address is:

However, it is not a blog in the normal sense of the word. It does not seek or publish readers comments, it has no editorials by the editor. It is a digest of material already published. Authenticity of origin is provided with mention of the source, and when possible, a link to the origin of the news or feature.

The idea behind using is simple: Wide exposure, no website hosting costs and retaining the not-for-profit nature of the venture.

SENIORS WORLD CHRONICLE fiercely adheres to its raison d'etre as a service-oriented activity and that would remain intact, Ravissant asserted in Mumbai on January 10, 2008.


Ravi Chawla
MUMBAI 400053, India.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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