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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sanskrit Voice launches web tools to revive Sanskrit for the new age

Sanskrit Voice is a non-profit effort to revive Sanskrit for the modern age. It offers a handful of web tools to learn the language with ease and comfort, while creating a community of Sanskrit enthusiasts to share their articles and views. In short, it aims to provide 3 simple and focused values...
1. Learn Sanskrit glossary at your leisure using RSS
2. Read & Share articles or resources related to Sanskrit
3. Campaign the learning of Sanskrit

This non-profit effort has been acknowledged by NDTV, and has won the support of several recognized bloggers. On 7th Dec 2007, NDTV profiled Sanskrit Voice along with the viewpoints of a few people in Sanskrit Vidyapeetha. You can read the full article, and watch the video on NDTV or YouTube.

Sanskrit Voice now supports Devanagari font in the new Glossary RSS feed (subscribe)! Hope this will give joy to some of the users who have requested this feature in the recent past. In addition to it, a dictionary widget to search Sanskrit words-meaning pairs can be found on the homepage. Also, a unified Facebook-app is built for the glossary feed and dictionary search. If you are a Facebook enthusiast, you can now learn Sanskrit glossary from the comfort of your favorite social application.

Here is briefly how this project was started...

Seshu Karthick felt the urge to create a project that serves India. On contemplating, he realized that the real cause of India's greatness is its culture, and Sanskrit forms the base of its culture. After working on it for a month, 'Sanskrit Voice' was launched on Dec 2, 2006 to mark the occasion of his 25th birthday.


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