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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A WISH LIST to serve Senior Citizens in better way

According to me following will surely help us to serve the Elders in much better way, This is my Wish List:

4 digits National Helpline

Community Centers in each City

Recreation facility in each municipal ward

Support Group in each area/locality

Counseling Center in each city for: Legal, Consumer Protection, Finance, Health and Psychological

Geriatric ward in all the Municipal Hospitals/ District Hospitals - can be in all Hospitals

R & D in Ageing and Health Problems like Dementia

Support/ Promotion to Alternate Therapy for aged

Certified Alternate Therapy Center/Wellness Center in ach City

Uniform Age for Senior Citizens all through out Country

Uniform Concession in Medical, Tax, Utility services, Transport

Social Security for all the Senior Citizens in line with USA

Employment Bureau / Exchange/Websites for Second careers, Concession to companies who appoint them

Concession for Children’s/ Relative who look after ageing parents/relative

Concession / Support for Elderly who look after incurable illness of children's/dependent

An active Federation of all the organisation/Individuals working for Elderly

Elder Friendly City/ Infrastructure in the country - Architects, Communication, Transport- Traffic, Consumer Items etc

Home base services for ill/sick elders

Promotion of Elder care products – concession for manufacturers

Gerontology and Geriatric courses in all University

Special Ministry for Elders in line of Women and Children's

Fast Trac court exclusive for Elders

Life Long learning opportunity in all University for Seniors

I hope this will happen one day with United, Aggressive and Constant Approach. This is vision we share at Silver Innings - a website dedicated for Elderly and their family members..................................................................

So what's your Wish List ???????? ,We will publish some good ones in upcoming Website for Elders.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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