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Monday, March 17, 2008

Tapping Local Innovation: Unclogging the Water and Sanitation Crisis

Learn. Connect. Invest. Global Water Challenge is dedicated to finding solutions to the water and sanitation crises. We believe that we have both the resources and the will to live in a world in which everyone can drink clean water, and use a safe toilet. It is our goal to find and encourage ideas and individuals, wherever they may be, so that every school, every clinic, every home, every community, without regard to geography and income, has access to these basic needs.

That’s why we are so excited to partner with to reach out to the world’s entrepreneurs to challenge them to use their substantial talents and commitment to make the goal of universal access to safe water and sanitation a reality. We hope to learn how to make ideas even stronger, and to connect local innovators with global investors who can bring their solutions to life.

Ashoka is a citizen-sector support system for social entrepreneurs—people around the world who develop innovative solutions to the social problems that most urgently demand them. To further this goal Ashoka’s website provides an online, interactive forum that encourages collaboration and discussion, along with competition, to draw out the most effective ideas.

Ashoka’s Changemakers and Global Water Challenge have partnered to open a worldwide search for ideas and projects that, when scaled-up, have the potential to transform the provision of sanitation and water. We hope you will join us. . Between January 9 and March 16, 2008, we invite you to submit your proposals.

Even if you do not offer a proposal of your own, we invite you to join the dialogue. Your experience and insights are invaluable in the creation of truly innovative ideas.

Join the online Changemakers community to make suggestions and recommend resources that will help refine and strengthen the strategies presented by competition entrants. Tell us what you’re thinking, how you see the field, where its challenges and opportunities lie.

We’ll need your help again in April 2008 to vote for 3 winners from the 12 finalists selected by our panel of judges—a group of influential leaders who bring their different strengths to solving the water and sanitation crisis.

With your help we have the potential to create sustainable change in local communities. You may already be engaged in activities that bring solutions to change in your corner of the world. Now bring this knowledge to a global community. We encourage you to invite others to the competition as well, so together we may uncover the creativity—and natural drive to innovate— within each of us.

Enter the competition here:

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