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Monday, March 17, 2008

Teacher Training Workshop on Climate Change

Times Foundation and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) will jointly organize a Teacher Training Workshop in April on the issue of climate change. The objective of this half day workshop is to help teachers gain sufficient insight on climate change to implement changes in their school and students and instill a sense of social responsibility towards the environment amongst their students. This workshop would train teachers through an interactive and open session module.

The workshop would focus on the following aspects pertaining to climate change:
• What is climate change? Three main areas would be discussed: energy, waste and land
• How does climate change impact people?
• What are the trends in climate change?
• What are the fatal consequences if climate change is left unchecked?
• Presentations by teachers from schools that have good environmental practices and
• How teachers and principals can carry this message forward to their students- who would be ambassadors of change in India’s drive to check climate change?

The interactive training would involve group presentations on issues covered by the participating teachers. A short film on climate change made by TERI, titled “Global Warning” would also be screened to the teachers at the beginning of the workshop.

Times Foundation,
The Times of India Building,
Dr D N Road,
Mumbai – 400 001
Telephone: 91 - 22- 66353535
Extension - 4345/ 4398/ 5373


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