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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

'Third child' to decide corporator’s political fate

A newborn is all set to decide whether 32-year-old Rafiqmian Sayeed can continue as Dhoraji Nagapalika councillor or be disqualified. Three leaders from Dhoraji, a small town in Rajkot district — Hamid Gohil, Haroon Garala and Imran Rafiq — have alleged that violating a state government order that said that August 2006 onwards any person with more than two children is not eligible to contest local body elections, Sayeed had become a councillor despite becoming a father a third-time on February 2, 2008, barely two weeks before the Dhoraji Nagarplalika elections on February 17.

Sayeed, however, has claimed that it’s his sister-in-law Bilkisbano’s child. While Dhoraji mamlatdar K T Patidar has been investigating the matter, the complainants have called for a DNA test to solve the case.

According to the complainants, Sayeed’s wife had delivered a baby boy on February 2 at a private hospital in Rajkot. They have alleged that Sayeed, who was preparing for February 17 election, registered the name of his sister-in-law as the child’s mother to avoid disqualification from the local body contest.

Patidar has said that it is for the first time that such a case has surfaced after two-child policy came into effect for the local body election. Patidar, who was also the election officer for the same contest, has checked the documents that suggest that Bilkisbanu is the infant’s mother.

Sayeed, who got elected as a Congress candidate from ward number 3 in Dhoraji, has called it a political conspiracy against him. “Haroon and his panel had lost election against my panel. The allegations are baseless.”

Alleging that the hospital records have been doctored, the complainants have demanded a DNA test in the case.


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