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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Women and Right to Food

On the occasion of Women’s day on the 8 March 2008, the Right to Food Unit is pleased to announce the publication of a right to food study on:
Women and the Right to Food – International Law and State Practice

The study looks at the right to food in the context of gender discrimination. It includes a brief overview of the position of women's right to food in international law and identifies gaps in both law and practice.

Controversial issues are discussed such as: to what extent are women’s hunger and food insecurity a matter of health alone and not one of life, survival and development? to what extent is denial of food for women a matter of violation of ‘mothers’ rights’, or of ‘children’s rights’ rather than one of women’s rights? to what extent are food insecurity and eating disorders a matter of health and disease, or of violation of human rights?

The study can be downloaded from our website free of charge

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